Accessible to Both Intermediaries & Target Clients

Technical Assistance

We support Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) and businesses with skills and technologies needed to make profitable use of our Line of Credits and Credit Guarantees.

Without excluding universal banks, this TA primarily focuses on the lower tier financial institutions which generally face more challenges compared to universal banks. The TA for partners and potential partners is based on a partner specific due diligence as a result of an application process for a line of credit or a guarantee facility. During the course of conducting the due diligence, RDF Ghana will pick out weaknesses or issues that may affect the performance of the partner and potential negative impact on partner’s ability to achieve RDF’s developmental mandate. The TA may take the form of workshops for relevant human resources within these institutions or specific training programs for targeted staffs of the financial institutions. From needs assessment, RDF Ghana will identify the key areas to focus on while considering other limitations in trying to deal with industry wide problems. Key areas of focus for RDF Ghana are governance training for boards and senior management staff, leadership & HR management training for managers, deposit mobilization, credit risk management, financial management, internal controls and strategic planning.

Without necessarily carrying out a needs assessment, RDF Ghana may decide to provide an industry wide or regional based technical assistance programme from a felt need as a result of interactions with the market including key players such as development partners and / or the regulator.

Furthermore, special attention and incentives are given to sustainable energy promotion and investments under our Lines of credit and Credit Guarantees. Demand of energy-related SMEs for these products has not been well established or surveyed. Although consumer demand for solar products is now on the increase, the potential of agribusiness (as well as other MSMEs) to utilize solar. Renewable Energy (RE) been mainstreamed as a priority into the RDF and the TA Facility will specifically support proactive measures such as energy audits, market surveys, promotional efforts, and other incentives for Re