Application Process

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Completion of a self-assessed questionnaire

Completion of Application Form

Submission of required supporting documents

Completion of Baseline Data

Review of Application Form

Review of supporting documents

Review of Secondary Data

Review of Financial Statements

Feedback given to FIs

Brief meeting with Management to kick – off

Familiarization of operations of financial institution

Performance assessment of some branches.

Identify Gaps

Interview Key Management Staff / Board Members

Collateral Assessment

Debriefing (Exit Interview)

Data analysis

Writing of report using the RDF Standardized Template.

RDF approval authority shall be in two (2) levels i.e. Management Investment Committee and the Board Investment Committee

The Investment Committee shall be the first line of approving authority

The Board Investment Committee shall be the final line of approving authority

Preparation of offer letter

Signing of offer letters

Offer presentation meetings with representatives of financial institutions

Counter sign of offer letters by representatives of financial institutions

Booking of facility

Disbursement of facility


RDF Ghana Post Disbursement Monitoring Process involves the following:

Role of Partner Financial Institutions

During the tenure of the loan, partner financial institutions shall visit the clients to ascertain the performance of the loans granted under the scheme. Quarterly reports including data on the loan repayments / recovery history of each loan made by partner financial institutions under the scheme will be submitted by partner financial institutions to RDF.

Role of RDF

During the tenure of the loan RDF shall undertake the following activities:



An on-going monitoring visits shall be undertaken by the RDF aimed at assessing the status of the performance of RDF investment with partner institutions. In undertaking the monitoring visits, issues raised from the last due diligence and / or those detected from regular reports shall form the basis for the monitoring visit.

The monitoring process is phased into two as follows;

  1. Involves off-site analysis of information from reports or any other sources to form an objective impression on the status of the institutional performance in respect of RDF investment.
  2. Involves on-site visit to the institution with an agenda of issues identified under (i) needing clarification and / or further explanation so that proper conclusions about the status of RDF investment with institution can be ascertained.

In all cases RDF shall provide objective feedback to partner financial institutions as well as structuring follow up actions.



RDF shall undertake annual review of operations of partner financial institutions in respect of performance of RDF investment. A review date will be established with partner financial institutions during the disbursement process.

The aim of the annual review is for the RDF to be abreast with the current operations of partner financial institutions and also for RDF to become aware of any warning sign(s) for remedial action to be taken. Review date(s) will be pre-arranged with financial institutions.



RDF shall establish as appropriate monitoring and evaluation systems with clear baseline data, indicators, targets and outputs including means of verification against which these targets and outputs can be measured.

RDF Investment Staff shall undertake bi-yearly monitoring and evaluation activities involving a percentage sample (of clients) of partner financial institutions under the RDF investment scheme.