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Section A: Basic Information
Section B: Eligibility
Please ensure your institution meets the eligibility criteria listed below before proceeding to complete the loan Application Form. RDF Ghana takes no responsibility for applicants who complete the loan Application Form without fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Such applications will be rejected. Completed Forms must be attached to the loan Application Form. (Company Stamp is required to be applied to the Form). Please confirm by ticking that your institution meets the conditions stipulated below:
Legal Registrationpick one!
Completed re-registration under the Government’s eRegistration (GeReg) systemaccordingly obtained new TIN, TIN Certificate, Registration Number, Certificate of Incorporation and Certificate to Commence Business
Applicable and up-to-date licences as follows:• Banking license • Business operating permits for all branches
Required minimum paid-up capital as prescribed by the Bank of Ghana• GHS 400million for Universal Banks • GHS 1million for Rural and Community Banks
At least 5% of portfolio in agribusiness and / or renewable energy
Rural presence servedEither through a physical branch network or branchless mechanisms.
Minimum Capital Adequacy Ratio10% as prescribed by the Bank of Ghana
Operated in Ghana for at least 5 years
Consecutively profitable for the last 3 years
Non-performing loans / portfolio at risk not exceeding 15%
I, the undersigned duly authorized representative of applicant financial institution, confirm that my institution fulfils all the conditions stipulated above.
I agree
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